electroknit dymaxion

a dymaxionially projected


textile project[ion]

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Depicted above is the unfolding of the 20-sided Dymaxion map (more below)

In the spring and summer of 2019 Cat Mazza worked with the newly formed Lattice20 Collective (Nia Duong, Maria Gonzalez, Remy Hunter, Erica Imoisi and Tony Pierre) to research grid-based textile designs found in Boston-based archives. They converted the charts into knitting patterns using an open-source web application. Electroknit Dymaxion thus uses emergent and established technologies to map practices of collective craft across time and place. Patterns' origins and circulation are gestured on the interior of a 20-sided wooden structure based on architect Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map.

The Dymaxion Map is a 2- and 3-dimensional projection of the earth the depicts the world as a single, unified landmass, without geopolitical boders. The map can be folded into a 20-sided polyhedron (icosahedron) representation of earth, with each side as a triangle.

Above: Zine from interactive workshop at Bowdoin College Museum of Art, with a foldable dymaxion map and kit for crafting repeatable knit-patterns into cross-stitch patterns.

Electroknit Dymaxion is on display at Bowdoin College Museum of Art as part of the Fast Fashion, Slow Art exhibition. (January 30, 2020 to August 2, 2020). Here is an ↗ PDF of the zine used to guide a workshop on knit patterns and at the museum.